PRIDE-Laboratoires Guigoz call

To facilitate collaborations between FHU teams and emergence of multidisciplinary projects, FHU PREMA launch, with financial support from Laboratoires Guigoz, the PRIDE-Laboratoires Guigoz call for projects in the field of prematurity. The aim is to provide 20 000 € of funding to a collaborative project between research units and FHU clinical teams

As a guarantee of quality, FHU PREMA follows an external procedure for the competitive review and selection of projects by expert researchers using predefined criteria of excellence.

This program will start in July 2020. Proposed projects should involve at least two FHU PREMA teams in the design and running of the study.

Scientific value is primordial, but so too is the taking into account of other criteria, such as:

  • new proof-of-concept studies, implementation of original technological approaches, projects at the interface between two fields of interest
  • value for the patient
  • originality of the project
  • involvement of several teams

The project must contribute to improvement in the understanding, prevention, and treatment of prematurity and its consequences. It can involve basic research, translational research, evaluation of practices and of patient needs, or teaching.

The call for projects and the application form are posted on the website in late June every year.

To access to the files, you have to sign up as a member of the FHU PREMA:

Call for PRIDE-Laboratoires Guigoz projects

PRIDE-Laboratoires Guigoz application form