Young Researchers Afternoon

DHU Risks in Pregnancy has organized every year since 2014 an afternoon for young researchers in Master’s Degree and PhD programs to present talks and posters on their work. FHU PREMA is now running this event, which has been very popular with the educational teams of research laboratories.

The candidates are Master’s Degree and PhD students and post-docs in the research teams of FHU PREMA.

The work presented must cover one of FHU PREMA’s topics relating to prematurity. The candidate’s work may be unfinished, but its questions, methods, and hypotheses should be covered. Authors present their posters in three slides before the poster session.

Two prizes worth 500 euros each will be awarded:

  • One for the best talk, and
  • One for the best poster.

The review board comprises 8 FHU PREMA researchers and clinicians. Potential conflicts of interest are managed by excluding board members involved in the candidate’s team or project.

The candidates should submit an abstract of no more than 300 words one and a half months before the date of the event. One communication per research team is selected by the organizing committee. Candidates not chosen to give an oral presentation are invited to present a poster.

This year, because of the spring 2020 lockdown measures, the Younger Researchers Afternoon has been postponed until the autumn of 2020.