Prematurity, a major public health and research issue

Great success of the World Prematurity Day webinar organized by FHU PREMA on Tuesday 2020/11/17

Prematurity is an ordeal for parents and their child and it is also a public health issue.
Becoming parents of a premature child, accompanying the premature child for a harmonious development are daily issues for parents and caregivers. The speakers addressed the issues of prematurity and research on prematurity, the very specific care and support of the very premature and the testimonies of parents.

More than 660 connections were recorded at the peak of the audience, many perinatal professionals (>80%), but also parents and Internet users from other backgrounds. While the audience was particularly strong in metropolitan France (80%), the webinar was also followed in the French overseas departments and territories (7%), in Europe (7%), on the African continent (4%) and as far away as Canada.

We would like to thank all the speakers, Marie Anton, health journalist, who prepared and facilitated this webinar, and the Internet users for following us.

The recording will soon be available on the FHU PREMA website in its entirety, in the Teaching tab.