A very good Young Researchers’ Afternoon 2021

On Thursday, July 1st, eleven young researchers (master2, doctoral and post-doctoral students) presented their work to their peers and a few researchers of the FHU PREMA teams.

In various disciplines (biology, genetics, epidemiology, virology,…) and about pathologies as different as endometriosis, chorioamniotitis or pre-eclampsia, and of course on the consequences of prematurity, this afternoon offered to us openness and sharings on the research themes of the FHU PREMA teams.

8 researchers and researcher-clinicians of the FHU PREMA have designated the two winners of the FHU PREMA Young Researchers Award-2021 :

  • Jessica DALMASSO (INSERM 3PHM) about the “Characterization of placental biomarkers of alcohol use during pregnancy and impact of alcohol on placental functions essential for healthy fetal development.”
  • Andrei MORGAN (INSERM Epopé) about the Changes in perinatal activity in a region of England associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 compared to 2015-19        

The members of the jury underlined the quality of all the presentations. Congratulations to both of the laureates and the other candidates.