The 2020-2021 Emergence call from the FHU PREMA

The first edition 2020-2021 of the FHU PREMA’s Emergence call has designated two projects as winners of 50 000 euros each:

  • EPIVO: epigenetic effects of conventional in vitro fertilization (IVF) and endometriosis on human pre-implantation embryos: Catherine Patrat (CECOS Cochin) and Daniel Vaiman (Institut Cochin FGTB).
  • PLA-LNP-PE : Placenta-targeted and SSO-loaded lipid nanoparticles for preeclampsia treatment: Karine Andrieux (UTCBS, team Vectors), Thierry Fournier (Inserm 1139 3PHM), Nicaise Ndam (IRD – MERIT).

Six projects were evaluated by 3 experts each, from different disciplines. We thank the 18 experts who contributed to the selection process.

The AP Emergence is an answer to the FHU PREMA’s objectives to structure and boost research in order to improve knowledge, prevention and/or management of prematurity.

In order to encourage the emergence of large-scale multidisciplinary research projects in the field of prematurity and to obtain major national and European fundings, the FHU PREMA has launched this 5-year program to trigger preliminary and innovative research work, essential to achieve its ambitions. The collaboration between, at least, two FHU PREMA’s teams is also one of the essential criteria.

The funding is provided by a donation from LVMH (50,000 euros per year for 5 years), and we are very grateful to this compagny.

Congratulations to all the participating teams and to the two winning projects. See you in early 2022 for the next Emergence edition and a new funding of 50 000 euros.