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Population-based study of eclampsia: Lessons learnt to improve maternity care.

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Mechanics of human embryo compaction

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Glucocorticosteroids and bronchopulmonary dysplasia : is epigenetics the missing link?

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Systematic culture of central catheters and infections related to catheters in a neonatal intensive care unit: an observational study

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A live attenuated vaccine to prevent severe neonatal Escherichia coli K1 infections.

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Intra-individual variability of serum progesterone levels on the day of frozen blastocyst transfer in hormonal replacement therapy cycles.

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Perinatal outcomes between immediate vs deferred selective termination in dichorionic twin pregnancies with fetal congenital anomalies: a French multicenter study.

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Screening preterm-born infants for autistic traits may help to identify social communication difficulties at five years of age.

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Linking genotype to trophoblast phenotype in preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome associated with STOX1 genetic variants.

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Early factors associated with continuous positive airway pressure failure in moderate and late preterm infants – response

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