Cesarean delivery on maternal request: How do French obstetricians feel about it?


Objective: The number of cesarean deliveries on maternal request (CDMR) is unknown in France. We aimed to evaluate the rate of obstetricians willing to perform a CDMR in 2020 in Paris and to compare OB/GYN seniors’ and residents’ points of view about CDMR using six hypothetical clinical scenarios.

Study design: A survey was conducted between January to March 2020 with an anonymous self-administrated questionnaire sent by email to OB/GYN seniors working in 16 public and private maternity units and residents of Paris. Questionnaire was based on previous peer-reviewed literature. Socio professional characteristics were collected. OB/GYN seniors were asked if they agree to perform a CDMR and have already done one. OB/GYN seniors’ and residents’ points of view on six hypothetical clinical scenarios (CDMR, scarred uterus, breech presentation, multiple pregnancy, history of perineal tears or stillbirth) were compared.

Results: Eighty-three OB/GYN seniors and one hundred and fifteen residents answered to our questionnaire. Twenty-three (27,7%) OB/GYN seniors were ready to perform a CDMR, mostly because they think that mode of delivery is a woman’s choice. Physicians working in a private maternity unit or having an exclusive private practice were significantly more willing to perform a cesarean delivery on maternal request. No differences were found between the OB/GYN seniors’ and residents’ point of view on the six hypothetical clinical scenarios. A third of OB/GYN seniors and residents reported having done at least one CDMR during their career or during their residency.

Conclusion: One out of four OB/GYN senior interviewed is ready to perform a CDMR in Paris in 2020. OB/GYN seniors and residents share the same point of view concerning CDMR.